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(1) CBN orders closure of bank accounts of unregistered associations, churches, clubs, town unions, or foundations. These associations or societies must register with the Corporate Affairs Commission and provide their registration documents to the Banks to enable them run their account.    (2) SEC now requires Issuers to provide “No-Objection” letter from their primary regulators as a prerequisite for the Commission’s approval of proposed transactions.   (3) All CMOs are now required to submit their Audited Financial Statements electronically to, a dedicated email created by SEC, in a selectable and searchable PDF format (not exceeding 15MB).

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Whistleblower reaches out to RUBYLEX LP via any of our confidential channels

RUBYLEX LP receives the complaint and obtains relevant information from the whistleblower

The report* is communicated to the appropriate level of management and/or Board of the client for action

Feedback is received from the client

Feedback is provided to the whistleblower

* The report is prepared in such a way as not to reveal the identity of the whistleblower.

FAQ on RubyLex Whistleblowing

No. The Rubylex Whistle blowing Line cannot view your number when you call the hotlines because the caller ID is not displayed. A whistleblower may choose to create an anonymous email account for the purpose of contacting Rubylex Whistleblowing Line. However, the whistleblower is encouraged to check the account from time to time as feedback from Rubylex Whistleblowing Line will be communicated to him/her via the email account.

You should make a report because the fraudulent/unethical activities could affect you. Certain fraudulent activities lead to loss of resources and customers for many businesses and this will negatively affect the working environment and the continuity of the business (depending on the circumstance).

In addition to the absence of Caller ID technology which does not reveal your phone number to us, you are not required to give your name or any personal details unless it is absolutely pertinent to the investigation that will be carried out on your report. In such a case, your express approval will be obtained before your identity is disclosed to the recipients of our report on your complaint.

The Rubylex Whistleblowing Line is fully operational and our commitment is to serve our clients in line with global best practices. We intend to keep this service successful. Reports made via the Rubylex Whistleblowing Line are investigated and where a whistleblower requires feedback, RUBYLEX will provide the feedback as long as the unique Reference Number to the complaint is provided by the Whistleblower.

The Reference Number given after a report is a unique identifying number made for the purpose of that report. The whistleblower is to quote this number when calling for feedback or to provide additional information on a report earlier made.

Rubylex Whistleblowing Line provides an independent whistleblowing service that serves as a safe and secure medium for concerned parties to report unhealthy work environment practices and unethical activities to the right level of management and board of directors at the organization involved. Consequently, the investigation and feedback on reports will be provided to whistleblowers as soon as we obtain same from the organization.

No, the Rubylex Whistleblowing Line will only receive reports via our designated platforms. That is: our hotlines, mailbox, webform and website.

No! Your anonymity and safety is paramount to our continued delivery of this service. The client will only receive reports sent from the Rubylex. Whistleblowing Line which is carefully worded protect the identity of the whistleblower.

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