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(1) CBN orders closure of bank accounts of unregistered associations, churches, clubs, town unions, or foundations. These associations or societies must register with the Corporate Affairs Commission and provide their registration documents to the Banks to enable them run their account.    (2) SEC now requires Issuers to provide “No-Objection” letter from their primary regulators as a prerequisite for the Commission’s approval of proposed transactions.   (3) All CMOs are now required to submit their Audited Financial Statements electronically to, a dedicated email created by SEC, in a selectable and searchable PDF format (not exceeding 15MB).

Regulatory and Compliance

Nigeria’s regulatory landscape has witnessed a dramatic shift from a perceived permissive regime to a proactive one resulting in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape for businesses operating in Nigeria.

It is therefore pertinent for companies to consider engaging an experienced compliance experts like us to ensure an alignment of your business operations with the regulatory obligations imposed by relevant federal and state laws. This will save time, unnecessary costs and preserve the hard-earned reputation and goodwill of your company and brand.

We provide end-to-end regulatory and compliance services by identifying, assessing, reviewing and providing control mechanisms for business operational and compliance risks in an effective and efficient manner. Our understanding of the peculiarities associated with different sector specific regulators as well as general regulators enables us to provide tailored solutions to meet your regulatory issues.

We liaise constantly with regulatory authorities and leverage on this strength to resolve regulatory issues that may arise. Our regulatory reach includes CAC, NOTAP, NGX, SEC, FIRS, MDAs, Trademarks Registry, NAICOM and sector specific regulators amongst others.

Our service offerings include:

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