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(1) CBN orders closure of bank accounts of unregistered associations, churches, clubs, town unions, or foundations. These associations or societies must register with the Corporate Affairs Commission and provide their registration documents to the Banks to enable them run their account.    (2) SEC now requires Issuers to provide “No-Objection” letter from their primary regulators as a prerequisite for the Commission’s approval of proposed transactions.   (3) All CMOs are now required to submit their Audited Financial Statements electronically to, a dedicated email created by SEC, in a selectable and searchable PDF format (not exceeding 15MB).


RUBYLEX LP offers corporate governance advisory and audit services to a wide range of clients. We advise on the applicable international corporate governance standards and practices for companies in line with Nigerian company law, Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance 2018 and the SEC Corporate Governance Guideline and sector-specific codes of corporate governance.

We understand boardroom activities and have extensive experience in providing practical advice to the board of directors of companies on their governance requirements. We have conducted corporate governance audit for several companies and assisted with the implementation of our recommendations from the audit. Our clients include leading corporates across different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Our services include:

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